Preparing for the 11+ Exam
<<< PREPARING FOR THE 11-PLUS EXAM >>> As already mentioned, grammar school is a selective school. Pupils must show a variety of skills during the so-called 11-plus exam. Preparing for the exam ...
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How do Grammar Schools select their pupils?
HOW DO GRAMMAR SCHOOLS SELECT THEIR PUPILS? As previously mentioned, the selection process is based upon pupils’ 11-Plus Exam. This exam is usually taken in the last year of primary school. ...
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Pros and Cons of Grammar School in the UK
<<< PROS AND CONS OF GRAMMAR SCHOOLS >>> When considering whether your child could be a great fit for grammar schools, you should also evaluate the pros and cons. PROS 1 High Achievers: ...
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What is a Grammar school in the UK?
GRAMMAR SCHOOLS. WHAT ARE THEY? In the past, pupils attending grammar schools were allowed to learn classical languages such as ancient Greek and Latin. Nowadays, grammar schools have become secondary schools, which ...
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Appealing a school's place decision in the UK
Appealing a school's place decision After all the school searching and admission application process, if you are still not happy about the school place decision, you can still appeal to the ...
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A warm welcome to a Nottingham based private car service, UKProCap
A warm welcome to a Nottingham based private car service, UKProCap. Their team provide an all-around private hire service for both short and long-haul as well as airport transfer. Vehicle types ...
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School waiting list. How does it work?
School waiting list. How does it work? Some schools are popular and maybe full or oversubscribed. If parents would still want their child to get into these schools, one of the ...
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How to prepare your child in-year admission?
How to prepare your child in-year admission to avoid disappointment? While moving to your new home, getting your child to study at a preferred school nearby is always an important matter. ...
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