Primary School Application Process in the UK
As the Application Process for Primary School in the UK is about to begin, we are proposing our 7 Step Guide to aid you, parents, with the application process. 7 steps ...
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What do you need to know about school parking?
Issues related to school parking can have an impact on you as a local resident in a given area and could endanger your children. Being aware of such issues and ...
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What to do when parents need advice on choosing schools in the UK?
Need advice on choosing schools in the UK? British School Portal is here to help!! From today, all of our members are welcome to make a FREE enquiry to our "British ...
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1 week to Secondary School Admission deadline
1 Week Left Deadline for the secondary school application in England !! Do not miss the chance to enrol your child !! 31 OCTOBER 2021 31 OCTOBER 2021 31 OCTOBER 2021 7 steps ...
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All you need to know about Ofsted
What is Ofsted? Ofsted is a UK governmental non-ministerial department for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Their responsibility is to inspect educational and skills learning providers in England. Depending on your requirements, Ofsted ratings can ...
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What and Where to buy school uniforms in the UK?
We have put together a list of the common school uniforms for both primary and secondary levels. Come and take a look if you are not sure what and where to ...
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What to do if you think your child has Special Educational Needs?
Special Educational Needs (SEN) affect a child’s behaviour, understanding, physical abilities and reading and writing skills. It is essential children with SEN needs to get the support to grow and develop ...
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Top 10 Grammar Schools in the UK
We have created 2 tables to show you the Top 10 Grammar Schools in the UK by Progress 8 and Attainment 8. **Due to the pandemic, the latest data published from the ...
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