About British School Portal

British School Portal is a Free UK School Information Searching Platform.

Every parent is trying hard to give the best to their children. We aim to make it easier for you when choosing the schools and related services in the UK with up-to-date information.

Launched in 2020, we have integrated the database of the UK government with 55,000+ registered educational institutions in the UK covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Transforming them into an easy viewing method to search. Displaying it in a simple interface for everyone to study.

A single click to display different types of schools near you on the Map that include 

"Special Education", "Home Office licensed Student Sponsor on Student Visa", and "Grammar School".

We continuously pick up a lot of related service providers such as Guardian Service, International and Local Removal Company, Car Rental, Educational Resources and many others, saving your time to do an additional search when planning your journey to the new school.

In the coming future, we will analyse more data to present parents with a comprehensive searching platform.

British School Portal

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