About British School Portal

As parents, we have the responsibility to give our children the best start in life, and that starts with education. So how can you find a suitable school for your children?

That is where the British School Portal can help. Launched in 2020, we help to connect parents and students with schools in the UK.  

Currently, we have integrated data of 48,000+ educational institutions in the UK(including 800+ boarding school, 3700+ independence school, 28400+ primary school, 6600+ secondary school) onto our platform, displaying it in a simple and clear interface for everyone to see.

The information comes directly from the UK Government’s database, and you can search for relative schools according to different needs including city, academic level, or special education. This includes all registered independent and public-funded schools. The curriculum covers all age ranges including Children Centres, nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

We also have a school review function and rating tool, both of which are ready to use.

From today, anyone who has been educated in the UK can write a review and give a rating. By doing so, you will help other parents and students find the perfect school for their children!

British School Portal

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