The fourth reason why a parent should visit the school in person

Post Date: 2021-09-21

The fourth reason why a parent should visit the school in person.
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It is not easy to find out what a school is really like until you've been there yourself. Talking to existing students will give you all of the school gossips you need to know, before deciding whether it's the school for your children. 

It is most likely the tour will be conducted by the best student at school, so this will be your best chance to ask any burning questions you're dying to ask. 

Not sure what to ask? Take a look at some questions below to brainstorm yourself:

1. What are your teachers like? Asking the student this might give you another perspective on the teachers. 

2. What are your peers like? This could give you information on what kind of society the students have and what they like to do for fun. 

3. What do you think are the best subjects here? This could give you insights into the curriculum, more importantly from a students perspective. 

4. How do they handle arguments between students? We understand things happen and it is another way to learn. Best to know their method to avoid misunderstanding.

Your child will be experiencing similar to their study life at school, so be sure it's the positive experience you want for your child.

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