The third reason why a parent should visit the school in person.

Post Date: 2021-09-20

The style of a schools facilities could prove vital to your decision. Traditional and modern types of schools may teach the pupils differently. Choosing the correct facilities for your child is much better than following the trend, making sure they are right for your child is most important.

Hygiene will be your top priority to focus on, understanding the processes of keeping the toilet and canteen areas clean is a must. Checking if the school have additional protocols to get the whole school involved in keeping their facilities clean might put your mind at ease.

Explore more on the subject area's that your child is interested in. Say your little one is interested in science, you should check out the science facilities to see what amazing experiments your child could be doing.

If it is a boarding school, you should get a chance to visit the boarding house. Make sure they are comfortable and spacious, so you'll know your little star is getting a good night’s sleep.

Lastly, the condition of the classrooms is important for your child's learning and development. You will want to know your child is in a good spaced classroom feeling good to learn.

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