secondary school admission Step 4: Documents to prepare

Post Date: 2021-09-11

What are the documents needed for secondary school applications in England?
Which 2 TYPES OF DOCUMENTS are actually needed?

Getting all your documents ready beforehand is key to ensure a smooth process and avoid delays. 
If you have found the best school options for your child, then it is time to get the following documents ready. 

1. PROOF OF ADDRESS – mark our word! this is always needed when applying for school in England and the whole UK. This is to show that your child is currently or will be living within the authority managed area. 
There are various documents that can serve as proof of address. However, you should know that authorities normally take the following forms:

- Current year’s council tax bill;
- Current child benefit or child tax credit letter;
- A valid tenancy agreement with both landlord and tenant’s signatures from a registered lettings agency;
- A valid private tenancy agreement with both landlord and tenant’s signatures with copies of current bills or documents (Bank statement, credit card statement, mobile phone bill, utility bills or wage slip may be accepted) at that address.

2. THE PROOF OF THE PUPIL’S DATE OF BIRTH – as advised in previous posts, your child’s day of birth is needed on the school application. This is to show that children are applying to the correct year. Commonly accepted documents are as follows:

- Passport;
- Birth certificate;
- Medical record. 

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