secondary school admission Step 2: Double-check your child’s day of birth

Post Date: 2021-09-09

Back we are with our second step of the 7 step guide, which is CHECK YOUR CHILD’S DAY OF BIRTH. 

You may be wondering “How could I forget my child’s birthday?”. Although this may seem a frivolous one, checking your child’s day of birth is a key step during the application process.

Let’s start from the very beginning! In England, children must be receiving their full-time education upon or soon after their 5th birthday. This is usually known as COMPULSORY SCHOOL AGE. 

Knowing the period range as to when your child was born is critical to start the application process right on time and AVOID ANY DELAYS. 

Check out our UK School Entry Age Table at the below link. This is to confirm that your child is born between the correct dates of the school’s natural year of entry (The UK count it between 01 September and 31 August of the next year). 

7 Steps of the UK secondary school admission

If your child is summer born, you can decide to delay their admission to school entry if parents or carers believe that is in the child’s best interest. More information at the link below: 

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Do not miss the chance to enrol your child!! 
Secondary School admission closing date on 31 October 2021!!

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