secondary school admission Step 1

Post Date: 2021-09-08

The secondary school admissions for the academic Year 2022/23 will begin from today.

Are you ready to enrol your child?

Although this may seem a lengthy process, following our 7 steps guide in the coming 7 days can make things much easier for you. 

It is extremely important that you apply to the correct council on time. The best way to check it is to input your child's home address postcode to this link below and it will show you which council this address belongs to.

As the admission process to state primary or secondary varies from council to council, their website offers all the information and documents needed. There is always an "admission process guideline" or brochure ready for you.

Although the council would handle the admission process, remember to visit the schools' website for their own admission criteria that you are interested in. 

PLEASE NOTE, you can apply for a place in the neighbouring authority area if you live at the county boundary. HOWEVER, you should make sure to follow the below steps:

•    Make the application through the child's addressed council telling them you want your child to study at neighbouring authority controlled secondary school;
•    Contact the neighbouring authority regarding your application, as they may require information from you and your child for the process;
•    Understand both of their admission processes, always contact both councils for details before placing the application if you are not clear. 

7 Steps of the UK secondary school admission

Do not miss the chance to enrol your child!! 
Secondary School admission closing date on 31 October 2021!!


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