Top 5 mistakes made with guardianship

Post Date: 2021-07-15

Siobhan Skaife, the Director of the Guardian Family Network Ltd (GNet) is sharing with you the "Top 5 mistakes made with guardianship".

1. Leaving the decision to the last minute and therefore not carrying out adequate research on the options available.

2. Having an informal arrangement with a family friend who is unaware of the significant commitment involved.

3. Appointing an individual who is located a long way away from school and therefore unable to attend events such as parents' evenings, on behalf of parents.

4. Signing up to a Guardianship organisation that does not recognise your child as an individual and therefore does not provide a service specifically to their needs.

5. Having an arrangement in place that does not allow for emergencies, leading to undue stress to parents and the child.

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