secondary school admission Step 7: Look forward to the national day offer

Post Date: 2021-09-14

Once you fulfilled your school options list and pushed the apply button, what next? 

Sit back and relax.

Once the application for secondary school admission in England has been submitted, the local authorities will send out school offers on the SECONDARY’S SCHOOL NATIONAL OFFER DAY, Tuesday on 01 March 2022. 

Once you have received the offer, a decline in accepting the place will be given.
You MUST accept the offer on time, otherwise, the local council will withdraw your application and give it to other applicants. 
If you miss the deadline, the council will process your application upon completing all the on-time applications. 
The local council must provide a place for any applicant at a school with places available as close to the applicant as possible. 

REMEMBER that the application deadline is on 31 October 2021. 
Follow us and we will remind you before the deadline!!!

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