secondary school admission Step 6: Always fulfil the school options

Post Date: 2021-09-13

Secondary School Admission Step 6
<<<Always fulfil the school options>>>

Have you fulfilled your school options list? 

"No, I only put this school on the application as it is perfectly fit my child! I WON’T accept any other options." We all want to secure the best option available, but is it the best way for school options?

Please do consider more school options for your child and put them into the school options list before submit. Councils already stated that only submit 1 school do not mean that the school must have a space for you because there are many variables that will be put into consideration.

How can you avoid this? Let go back to step 2 to carry out a careful school options search to find out what the most suitable options for your child are. 

You can do that through our BS Portal for free. Our platform gives you an easy-to-use Map-View allowing you to check the school around you, compare schools’ performance and the inspection reports. IT’S THAT EASY.

Create a FREE account and commence your school options search

7 steps to apply to a state primary or secondary school

REMEMBER, choosing less on your list WILL NOT increase the chances for a place. Or else, this may end up having a place from elsewhere you never think of.

Do not miss the chance to enrol your child!!
Secondary School admission closing date on 31 October 2021!!